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Why Khadijah Founded BetterBio

The sciences purport to bring America the next industrial revolution. But few Americans are engaged in this revolution. Hey, we already have drugs for most of our diseases, we have plenty of food and we have fuel for at least another few years. Right?

Not exactly. Our current technologies are suffering from the law of diminishing returns. As we learn more about the world, we learn how little we understand. We can either learn how to adapt to all of our new knowledge and update our technologies, or, it seems, the world will force us to simplify. No more internet. No more chocolate. And definitely not enough food.

Some of us aren’t trying to hear that. We like life, like doing cool things, like being healthy. And we’re invested in sticking around for a few more lifetimes. As it turns out, a lot of people who feel this way are involved in science, actually. And a good percentage of those people go into medical, food or energy research with the goal to make a better world. So why aren’t we talking and strategizing together? As I told journalist Robert Hernandez, I started BetterBio with this vision in mind:

What if we could connect all of the people in the community who want science to help create a better world with all of the people in the lab who want the same? To break down the walls that divide us and learn from one another?

So far, we at BetterBio have connected over 30 teens with equipment, laboratories, mentors, internships and experience presenting to the public, helping bridge the gap between the lab bench and the classroom. Tomorrow, we hope to expand the conversation to include parents, patients and, well, you. Please join us as we move forward, and let us know how you want to bring science to life.