Welcome! BetterBio unites community, industry and academic resources to achieve common literacy in health and science. In our first year, we have focused our efforts on working with inner-city teens, their families and schools, training 30 science ambassadors from the Boston area to perform, analyze and communicate research on the issues that matter most to their health and prosperity at MadSciMag.com, Where Teens Drop Mad Science.

When they join the MadSciMag.com staff, our teen science ambassadors receive training in media literacy, basic science research, writing, editing, videography and photography. They then participate in broad-base online communication by publishing their blog posts, articles, videos and photos here and on Huffington Post Teen, and get face-to-face experience in presenting their work at science fairs, symposia and community events through the year.

We have had an incredibly successful first year, thanks to our incredible donors, the generous support of Microsoft and the Broad Institute, and the partnership of Science Club for Girls, the Cambridge Science Festival, MIT Science Museum and Cambridge Community Television.

The future

Our mission is to expand the conversation, training not only inner-city teens but their parents, grandparents, teachers and community leaders, bridging the communication gap and increasing literacy in the life sciences for all. By training multiple generations in science, critical thinking and communication skills, we will empower disenfranchised communities typically ignored by existing media outlets with the information they need to lead healthy and successful lives. We call it citizen science journalism, and we think it just might change the world. If you agree, please join us!

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