Support Us in Bringing You Real Talk on GMOs!

Support Us in Bringing You Real Talk on GMOs!

Khadijah, here, BetterBio’s founder with some exciting news – not only are we teaching teens how to write about the science that impacts their worlds, but I’ve launched a campaign to do so, myself! Please check out my campaign on Beacon Reader, and subscribe for only $5 a month to get the real scoop on food, food science and our environment. Thank you!!!

Real Talk on GMOs on Beacon Reader

Change A Teen Girl’s Life: Mentor


Do you have a gift for communicating science and math to the public? Our teens need you.

In our first year, we learned first-hand what any teacher or parent can tell you: teens need a LOT of help with their writing. It took an entire semester to get our first group to write an article they could be proud of. The second semester we still only had one of our students actually produce work she felt was worthy of publication. With close mentoring, Hannah produced a riveting article on the controversy around sugar “addiction,” which you can read, here.

Hannah needed what every good writer needs: a good editor. She needed someone to ask the right questions, nurture her confidence as a writer and help her find her voice. It was well worth it; once Huffington Post ran this piece, Hannah’s passion for science reporting was set in stone. We are looking for writing mentors that can help us provide each of our students with a similar sense of pride – and a similar leg-up, academically. Do you remember who mentored you, and how it impacted your life and career trajectory? Become a catalyst for an inner-city girl and help her realize her full potential. Click here to volunteer.