Program Profile: MadSciMag

Where Teens Drop Mad Science.

…Is it safe to use sunscreen when I go to the beach?

…Do I drink too much soda?

…What’s really in that bottle of water that I just bought?

These are all questions our teen science journalists have explored through the MadSciMag initiative – with many more to come. MadSciMag provides teens with a safe place to investigate, explore, and then share their findings on scientific issues of interest (and often, controversy) in their communities. To foster this environment, BetterBio partners with labs, community organizations, academic institutions, and professional journalists and scientists, giving them an immersive education in science communication.

In collaboration with Science Club for Girls, BetterBio has trained over 30 young women to effectively communicate the science they learn to their friends and family. When one of our teens is scrolling through their Twitter feed and sees an article about the effects of drinking coffee on developing cancer, she is able to think critically and form her own opinion on that story. Who did the study? What was their methodology? Does it make sense? In an era where an overwhelming amount of information is easily accessible by anyone with a computer or a phone, it has never been more important to teach our youth to think critically. MadSciMag fulfills BetterBio’s mission to narrow the communication gap in science, but we can’t do it alone.

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